Click the image above to be taken to a computer animation made while working at Evans Accident Reconstruction. The animation was created to demonstrate and promote the company's capabilities in producing accurate visual representations of car accidents. The animation depicts a crash between two vehicles which we staged for the express purpose of creating this demonstration. The software I used to produce this animation included:

  • 3D Studio Max
    3D modeling and animation

  • PhotoModeler
    Photogrammetric 3D model generation of the vehicles, before and after the crash.


  • AutoCAD
    Drafting of the crash site using site survey data.

  • SMAC
    Vehicle crash dynamics software used to model the vehicle motions and interactions before, during, and after a crash.

  • Crash Data Retrieval (CDR)
    Hardware and software system used to access crash data from the vehicle's built-in "black box" event data recorder, such as vehicle speed at impact and deceleration .