CNC Machine Controller

A machine controller for a 6-axis CNC combination plasma-router (a machine that is convertible between an air-plasma cutter and a 2.5D router). I constructed a custom breakout board to simplify the wiring and to provide additional IO functions.


The controller has the following features:

  • Flashcut CNC USB control head with expanded IO option.

  • 3x 700 watt servo drives with optical encoder feedback.

  • 3x 150 watt servo drives with optical encoder feedback.

  • 12x limit and home switch inputs.

  • 2x program controllable switched 115v power.

  • 6x program controllable switched general purpose SPDT relays.

  • Plasma arc voltage feedback for torch height control.

  • Hypertherm plasma cutter serial interface for software control of plasma arc voltage.

  • Extensive electrical noise shielding and wire routing to minimize electro-magnetic interference (EMI) concerns.

Completed cabinet
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Laying out components
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Drawing of breakout board wiring
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Breakout board front
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Breakout board back
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